Thursday, 17 November 2011

Selena Gomez: Paternity allegations are tough

Selena Gomez says dealing with her boyfriend Justin Bieber's paternity lawsuit has 'not been easy'.
Justin was accused of fathering a now three-month-old baby with Mariah Yeater following an alleged 30 second backstage tryst. The singer insisted he had never even met Mariah and said he'd take a DNA test to prove he isn't the boy's father.
Yesterday there were reports the lawsuit had been dropped, with Mariah's legal counsel later explaining they had decided to handle the matter more discreetly. Chicago paternity lawyer Jeffrey Leving revealed a DNA test will still happen, but he wants it to be conducted out of the limelight.
Selena has stood by Justin throughout the ordeal, but admitted to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres things have been difficult.
'I have been [alright], yeah,' she said. 'It's good to just. it's not easy to [deal with all that stuff].'
Ellen then decided to lighten the mood by focusing on something more fun.
She has long complained about how baggy Justin's trousers are, and finds it especially annoying when they slip down to reveal his underwear. The host asked Selena if she has any sway when it comes to convincing Justin to go with a new look.
'I can't,' she laughed. 'I've told him I don't get it but he just laughs.'
Selena, 19, has been having a tough time. She recently got a restraining order again Thomas Brodnicki, 46, who was accused of stalking her between July and October this year.
Yesterday, the case against Thomas was dismissed although he is still not allowed within 100 yards of the star.

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