Thursday, 3 November 2011

Adele missing ex-lover...

Adele would do 'anything' to get back with her ex-lover.
The singer's hit album 21, which includes tracks such as Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep, was inspired by her former boyfriend.
Grammy Award winner Adele revealed that the success of the album produced mixed feelings for her.
't's bittersweet because I wouldn't give up this success for anything,' she told the US edition of Cosmopolitan. 'But at the same time, I'd do anything to be with him. I miss him. I do. It's hard singing all these songs because it makes me remember how brilliant we were when we were good... and how tragic it was when we were bad."
Despite the strong emotions Adele admits that she has never told an ex that she loved them.
The songstress also joked that her misery is perfect for creating beautiful music.
't's hard to share feelings,' she explained. ''ve felt them. I just can't say them. God, if I find happiness what will I write about!'
The 23-year-old has recently cancelled all her remaining public appearances and performances due to a damaged vocal cord. The star is set to undergo surgery, but is finding the strain difficult.
During a cover shoot for the December issue of Cosmopolitan sources reported that Adele could hardly speak.
The British sensation also requested that they turn off her album as she 'hated hearing herself' a source told the New York Post.
Adele requested that staff put on the new Beyoncé Knowles record instead admitting that she has a 'girl crush' on her.

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