Friday, 25 November 2011

Rebecca Ferguson "Won't Let Daughter Watch Rihanna"

Rebecca Ferguson has slammed raunchy star Rihanna, stating she doesn't think the Bajan babe is an ideal role model for young girls.
The X Factor star, who is gearing up to the release of her debut album Heaven, claims she wouldn't let her own kids listen or watch RiRi, as she believes the 23-year old is too sexy.

Ferguson explained to Yahoo: "I wouldn't let my daughter watch her. As a woman, I want to teach my daughter that a man should love you for who you are."
"They should love you for you as a person, not for how you dress - and you don't have to be a sexual thing to a man."
She added: "Rihanna can say 'I've got no kids', but if you want that lifestyle and you want that money, ultimately you are influencing generations and you have to remember that. They will copy you. Popstars should think of their audience."
During our interview with Rebecca, the Nothing's Real But Love singer also commented on RiRi's racy behaviour, stating she feels the star just pushes it too far.
The 25-year old admitted: "I like Rihanna, I’d be lying if I said my iPod wasn’t filled with Rihanna’s music. But as a mummy of two babies, I do think sometimes it pushes it too far. Not for people my age but for young children watching. I think for kids no, for us adults yes."
Rihanna herself has previously admitted that she's planning to scale back on her saucy image, because she doesn't want to become "a gimmick."

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