Friday, 30 December 2011

Mariah Carey's baby name disappoints

Mariah Carey chose one of the worst celebrity baby names for her son this year, according to a new poll.
The award-winning singer gave birth to twins in April and her decision to call her son Moroccan was not a hit, according to a poll.
The name failed to impress and was deemed one of the worst monikers by voters.
Alicia Silverstone didn't fare much better - her son's name also features on the list. Alicia was thrilled after giving birth in May, but surprised many people by revealing she was calling her baby Bear Blu Jarecki.
Other famous faces to disappoint with their choices include Bryan Adams who called his daughter Mirabella Bunny. Kevin James' son Kannon is also on the list.
Although voters didn't approve of Mariah's son's name, her daughter's moniker proved a big hit. Monroe has appeared on the list of best names for baby girls.
Joining her was Penelope Athena ' Tina Fey's daughter. Pink's daughter Willow Sage also features as does Ne-Yo's son Mason Evan Smith.

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