Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Katy Perry 'praying for marriage miracle'

Katy Perry has reportedly been 'praying for a miracle' when it comes to her marriage.
The actress is said to be in turmoil following the end of her relationship with Russell Brand. He filed for divorce from her following a 14-month union late last year, and it's been suggested she was not prepared for him to do so.
Katy apparently still wants the marriage to work so has turned to her Christian faith for support.
'She's been praying for a miracle, basically, and it tells you everything that Katy doesn't give a damn about the money,' a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

It's suggested that Russell has refused to talk to Katy following their breakup. He was thought to be flying to Los Angeles to see her earlier this month, but she jetted out of America as he got there.
'She's trying hard to make sense of what happened, and while she knows it's over, there's a part of her that can't accept it until she's spoken to Russell and seen him face to face. She still doesn't know the full extent of his reasoning and his refusal to speak to her is making things 100 times worse.
'Katy's even tried reaching out to his mom Barbara and a couple of his pals, but they have all told her he'll be in touch to meet up 'when he's ready'.'
Katy, 27, has been writing songs about her heartbreak, while it's been suggested Russell will lift the lid on their relationship in his new memoir.
Those close to the couple now think they should see a professional to help them reconnect and become friends again, even if they don't mend their marriage.

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